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How Pakistani Students Can Study in Australia Without IELTS?

How Pakistani students can Study in Australia without IELTS?

Study in Australia without IELTS

Did you know that you can study in Australia without giving IELTS exam? Yes, It is achievable, and we will unveil to you how you can turn your dreams into reality and study in the top-rated universities of Australia without cracking IELTS. 


Firstly, what precisely is IELTS, and why is it so valuable?

The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is a globally recognized English language skill examination. Most international universities demand a score extending from 5.5 to 6.5, and some universities require even higher scores, based on program preference and the study level. 

IELTS can be hard on your pocket, and achieving the desired score can be challenging for non-native English speakers. Therefore, many countries, including Australia, offer pathway programs for students who wish to study abroad. 

What is the Pathway program? 

The pathway program aids students in getting admission to the university where the high school qualifications aren’t acquired for admission in an undergraduate or graduate program. 

Universities that do not require IELTS for study in Australia

Here is the list of universities in Australia that accept students without IELTS scores. 

how Pakistani students can study in Australia without IELTS

University of Queensland: 

The University of Queensland is a research-driven public university which is located in the heart of Brisbane, Australia. The university has over a hundred-year legacy of providing high-quality Education. In the World’s Top Universities, UQ is listed at 48th. You can study at the University of Queensland if you fulfill one of the below-listed criteria:

The Pakistani students must fulfill the provided criteria to be eligible to apply in UQ.


  • SSC and HSC certificates.

Marks in English for minimum ELP Programs: Minimum 65%

Marks in English for higher than minimum ELP Programs: Minimum 81%

  •  School Certificate

Marks in English for minimum ELP Programs: Minimum 65%

Marks in English for higher than minimum ELP Programs: Minimum 81%

  • English Skills:

Sufficient Skills of English Language acquired through paid or voluntary Work Experience for at least five years in a professional atmosphere that is essentially English Speaking.

The University of Adelaide:

It is the third-oldest university in Australia and is ranked at 114th in the rankings of World University. If you fulfill the given criteria below, you can apply for the University of Adelaide without IELTS / TOELF:

  • The applicant must have conditional approval from the university, and he/she needs to achieve the University of Adelaide’s English Pathway Program.


  • The candidate must have done his/her latest degree course in the English Language in both instruction and assessment. 
  • For admission, the student must provide a letter of confirmation from the institute declaring the student has achieved his/her Degree in Education in the English Language in both instruction and assessment. 

The University of New South Wales:

If we talk about the ranking, The University of New South Wales is ranked at 45th in the world rankings. 

Student can get admission at UNSW without IELTS only if:

  • He/She should have conditional approval from the UNSW, and the candidate must finish their Pre-Seasonal English Language Progam.
  • Instead of IELTS/TOELF, the candidate can also submit their PTE or Cambridge English Advanced Scores for assessment.

Macquarie University: 

Macquarie University is a public research university, which is listed at number 195th in World University Rankings. It is included in World’s top 250 universities. According to student reviews on study portals, the university has an overall score of 4.4 stars. It is the third university, that was established in the metropolitan area of Sydney.

  • If all the admission standards, aside from English Language Proficiency are met, you can take onto the English preparation program at Macquarie University English Language Centre.

Bond University:

Bond University in Australia is the only private and not-for-profit university, located in Queensland, Gold Coast, and Robina. Bond University has essentially been a teaching-focused higher education institution emphasizing a three-semester-per-year timetable. According to the student experience, The Bond University has remained steady as the number one university with 5-star ratings. The university is ranked at number 20th in the Times Higher Education. 

To be able to apply to Bonds University:

  • The Applicant must complete Bond University’s college EAP Level 3 before starting his/her desired program.

The University of South Australia: 

In World University rankings, the University of South Australia is ranked at number 264th. One of the most important advantages for the domestic students that this university grant is that the UOSA is resilient in the English Language Requirements. A claimant can easily apply if any one of the below-listed criteria is fulfilled. 

  • A score of 169 in Certificate in Advanced English (CAE) or Certificate of Proficiency (CPE)
  • Overall and individual scores of 50 in PTE
  • CALUSA English Program Level 4
  • TAFE SA program
  • Secondary Education completed in Australia
  • At least one year of tertiary education in Australia
  • One year in any secondary or tertiary education completed in countries, selected by the University.

The University of Southern Queensland:

University of Southern Queensland (USQ) promises to proffer High-quality educational programs to all study levels to students throughout the world. USQ also offers on-campus, online, and blended study options to its students, to satisfy their lifestyle and wants. The USQ ranked in the top 2% of universities worldwide and is preserving a distinct and active worldwide community.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • The University of Southern Queensland allows pathway programs for students who are eligible for admission in any course in English Language Proficiency. Once this program gets completed, Admission to the USQ is allowed.

Swinburne University of Technology:

In the world’s top universities, The Swinburne University of Technology is ranked at 387th. 

You can get admission at Swinburne if you fulfill any of the following:

  • If the students have achieved secondary or tertiary education in an institute where English was the language for both assessment and instruction. The applicant must give a confirmation letter stating the same.
  • If the candidate is from any of these countries, then he does not need any English Language Proficiency proof:
  1. Denmark
  2. Hong Kong
  3. Germany
  4. Netherlands
  5. Norway
  6. Sweden
  • If he/she has completed English for Academic Purposes at Swinburne, then they are taken immediately into the program at the Swinburne University of Technology.

Victoria University:

The Victoria University also accepts students without IELTS test results. Although few other English Proficiency certificates are required for admission at the Victoria University, including

  • Cambridge English Advanced CAE
  • Cambridge English – First Certificate in English FCE
  • Pearson Test of English PTE

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