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Free Counseling Service

Free Counseling service

Outcome of a good counselling session can be a life changing decision that takes you to the places of your dreams.

Applying for higher studies in a foreign country is a very big decision for every student. Many people start giving their opinions and advises which is quite confusing. You need an advice of someone who can give correct advice, who can show right path, after all this involves a lot of people’s emotions and a huge amount of finance as well.

This is where ASHS Consultants can help you. We provide a free counseling session where our student friendly advisors listen to you carefully, note down all your requirements, your qualification your aspirations and your dreams.

A wrong decision may ruin your future prospects. That we have seen many times in our one and half decades long experience.

We analyze your inputs matching with best probable solutions. We show you top five options that suit your today’s condition and build tomorrow’s future which you have been aspiring from many months, probably years.

So call us at +92-336-8446657 or visit our office today for a free counseling session with one of our student advisors.