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Study In USA From Pakistan

Study in USA from Pakistan Agent in Nigeria. ASHS Consultants is a Karachi-based Education Consultancy Agency that helps aspiring students from Pakistan to secure foreign admission. Study in USA from Pakistan. A controller in international recruitment for college students wishing to study in the United States of America. Detail and direction on United States of America universities, applications, documentation, and more.


The United States of America, also known as the USA, is one of the well liked destinations for international students. The US has one of the huge education systems in the world. This makes it a powerhouse of global training and studies. From Hollywood, to some of the world’s most notable technology companies, the country’s influence is seen and felt globally.


With over 4,500 higher education institutions offering world-class degree programs, it’s no surprise that nearly 1.1 million international students choose the United States as their study destination every year. The delivery of higher education takes place at colleges, which are divided into two groups. The delivery of higher education takes place at colleges, which are divided into two groups. State-funded public institutions have cheaper tuition costs and a larger student population. Donations, tuition fees, and grants are used to subsidize private universities, which means they have higher tuition fees but fewer students.
Many schools and institutions in the United States are ranked first or second in a variety of rankings. This means that a degree gained from a US college will be highly valued by employers all around the world. The United States has five universities in the top ten in the 2019 QS World University Rankings. It is also ranked 33rd in the top 100. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is the highest-ranked university, taking first place. Stanford University comes in second and Harvard University comes in third, respectively.


America is the world’s third-largest country, with a population of roughly 327 million people spread across six time zones (excluding Antarctica). There are 50 states, one federal district, and five significant self-governing territories in the United States. The United States, which is bordered by Mexico and Canada, is 3.8 million square miles in size, just slightly smaller than the entire continent of Europe. The United States, which is often ranked as one of the world’s wealthiest countries, has numerous chances for overseas students. The geography and temperature are highly variable due to the huge landmass. Beautiful sandy beaches, rough snowy mountains, hot arid deserts, and modern metropolises can all be found here. Because there are higher education institutions all across the country, you will be able to study in the ideal setting for you. The United States is a global leader in politics, culture, and science, and has been at the forefront of many modern discoveries and advances.