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Overseas Education Consultants

ASHS Consultants is a leading overseas education consultant based in 2016 with a worldwide footprint in 12 countries and 33 cities. Our motive is to offer professional global education steering and counseling to passionate college students. We’ve got a dedicated group of richly skilled and licensed specialists. They help students in selecting the excellent guides that are available in global universities throughout global renowned look at locations. Like Australia, Canada, Russia, the United Kingdom, and the United States of America.

Overseas education consultants are an important source of information as well as a recommendation. For making the decision of going abroad to pursue your better education. Which is itself no longer any clean decision for both the scholar himself in addition to the mother and father.

The student has to think about the time spent far away from domestic. Adjusting to a brand new lifestyle, and the challenges of getting to know in brand new surroundings.

Even as the parents are regularly careworn with the thoughts of how to fund their kid’s take a look at abroad.

Matters are converting in recent times with extra students than ever earlier than, opting to go abroad to finish their higher studies for personal as well as public region banks coming ahead to offer scholar loans.

The instant questions of

A) Way to fund the education

B) The way to regulate the brand new lifestyle is being addressed. With extra students from Pakistan joining the student body in global universities.

But, the reality also ensues, that a surge in packages for analyzing overseas has accelerated the competition amongst college students. Who’s making plans to examine overseas has gone up.

This is not unexpected, considering the superb benefits you can set from pursuing your training abroad.


As being the best consultant in Karachi ASHS consultants provide various services regarding studying abroad and Being one of the high-quality immigration experts in Karachi, we’ve plenty to provide our clients.

All of us who desire to immigrate to the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Europe, or every other we of can choose immigration consultancy.

We can college you approximately how things paintings with all the procedural protocols as we believe in transparency.

Here’s a listing of services we’d be providing you to move across the world

Here’s a listing of services we’d be providing you to move across the world

Provide tests that could boom the chances of getting visa approvals for clients. Prepare clients for interviews with a couple of visa officers, helping them make the ideal decision.

We additionally put together all immigration programs and paperwork on the consumer’s behalf. In addition to this, we proofread all of the customers’ files to make certain the information is correct and loose from errors.

We assist clients in all immigration facets that include family sponsorship, appeals, student immigration, and other protocols. We have well-set up places of work within the UK, Pakistan, and shortly we can be stepping into UAE markets to facilitate customers within an excellent viable way. In case if you need to move to the UK, Canada, Australia, or are already operating there and need to ask your circle of relatives over, we assist you to in that technique.

In this contemporary era, all people are on the lookout for higher possibilities. Experts need to benefit from experience operating foreign places marketplace at the same time as students are keen to look at abroad and get international ranges. Despite the fact that there are endless opportunities past the borders, the paperwork and different techniques are not all, and sundry’s cup of tea. And that is wherein we, as an immigration consultancy firm, will let you out.

We offer consultancy for multiple visas, whether like a spouse, circle of relatives, visit, business, and college students, to streamline the immigration method.

ASHS overseas education consultants first-rate immigration representatives in Karachi. And have committed and enthusiastic immigration experts who goal to offer quality immigration offerings. Our professional team cautiously analyses each case to maximize the possibilities of reputation.

After this, we simplify the complete procedure for you by taking over all of the Documentation, and office work.

Overseas education consultants – what abroad consultants do?

The study abroad consultants provide assist in lots of regions:

  1. Evaluation of profile: Study abroad agents will first understand the students’ profiles and then provide them with exceptional software opportunities and different careers appropriate for them.
  1. Deciding on the university: The study abroad consultants will assist the scholars to find a quality university having an international reputation and imparting super training. The expert will help a student take a very last decision approximately the college.
  1. Admission processing: The study abroad consultants will help college students in filling up their admission shape, getting ready the economic documents, and applying for a visa.
  1. Documents: The study abroad consultants will convey the requirement of the shortlisted documents nicely. The representative will assist the students to bring together every report in advance. They may also cope with the financial resource procedure, thinking about each element of the scholars.
  1. Schooling loans: The study abroad consultants will deliver all the statistics regarding schooling loans and could help in getting loans and economically useful resources.
  1. Declaration of cause instruction: Study abroad agents will help college students prepare a remarkable and honest attractive sop. They are aware of the actual professional aim behind your choice approximately analyzing abroad and understand the scope of your have a look at the location.
  1. Visa processing: study abroad agents will provide particular statistics regarding the visa process and help you put together for the visa interview as well. The specialists are constantly updating the cutting-edge requirements, immigration guidelines, and visa checklists.
  1. System after getting commonplace: as soon as the university enrolls or sends a popularity letter with the scholar. The experts will nonetheless offer the assistance needed like accommodation, lifestyle and coping with finance, and so forth.


If you are becoming confused and have unsolved queries about studying overseas, then ASHS study abroad consultants are the location for you because we are the best study abroad consultants. ASHS best study abroad consultants ltd is licensed by the government regulatory bodies of various countries. Together with British council certified advisors for UK education.

The city has an estimated population of 2 crores and 35 lacs people. Karachi is the third-largest city in the world for its population. This city is the center of Pakistan’s industry, shipping, automotive industry, banking, advertising, software development, medical research. Karachi is graded as a beta world city.

Firstly it was the capital city of Pakistan until Islamabad was constructed as a capital city in arrangements to spread progress evenly across the country and to prevent it from being determined in Karachi. The city is a hub of higher education in South Asia and in the Muslim world. Karachi is one of the most educated cities in Pakistan. It has the highest literacy rate along with a sum of enrolment ratio of 111%, the highest in Sindh.

overseas education consultants – Is it good to apply through consultancy?

Before understanding why you must consider a consultancy to look at abroad realize that after finishing college. Each student begins fostering new hopes for his or her future. Ultimately, they face some hard questions – what should I do next? What path or college should be apt for me? Need to I have a look at abroad? If yes, then which we ought to I practice? Will they take delivery of my utility for my desired path/application? Every scholar is equally irritating approximately their profession.

To put a quit to all your confusion and anxiety, you could usually technique the best study abroad consultants including AEC to assist and guide you embark on the journey. As it could be a little daunting for a student to complete the entire technique on their very own. However, you want to prepare yourself for unexpected events as properly.

Considering a training representative to observe abroad for the cause does now not imply that you will get the entirety finished in no time. Analyzing overseas is the manner that wishes terrific patience and sensible choice, not like ordering your food or hotel reserving.

Yes, it is good to apply through consultancy!

A remote places education representative performs an essential role in offering assistance and allows to students in the easy or trouble unfastened software or paperwork processing. College students need to method a schooling consulting business enterprise to gain extra expertise approximately their preferred path or university or country.

Overseas training way reading abroad. It’s miles an act of a student pursuing instructional possibilities in a rustic apart from it is own. This can conclude primary secondary or post-secondary education.

Worldwide education is set the mobility of students and scholars who visit every other part of the sector to examine, study, or educate. The number one desires of global education are furthering information and cultural capital, mastering locations and cultures, and gaining intercultural skills in the process. The sector of international education is a melting pot of people and getting to know with a global angle ensures college students are uncovered to exclusive cultures, ethnic corporations, religions, and languages, enriching society within the process and broadening the educational revel in for all people.


Quality Education

UK Qualification:

UK qualifications are diagnosed and respected at some point in the arena. Your UK qualification may be a strong basis for building your future, boosting your career and potentialities for higher earnings. United Kingdom universities, faculties, and colleges will offer a colorful, innovative, and tough environment in which to increase your potential. Excellent requirements for UK establishments are the various great inside the international. Universities, colleges, and schools usually ought to prove that their guides meet strict criteria. Many different countries are now looking to observe the instance of the United Kingdom.

Globally standard qualifications

In an increasingly more globalized global economy; human beings need unique skills and characteristics to be successful. Employers need employees who can suppose efficaciously, creatively, and for themselves. This is an essential part of the UK studying experience. Establishments use an expansion of coaching and evaluation techniques to encourage independence, as well as mastery of the subject.

In a diploma and postgraduate stage especially, students are recommended to study extensively, to impeach and examine what they’ve examined, and to speak about brazenly their very own thoughts in seminars and tutorials. Profession-based totally guides are designed to equip you for precise roles within the contemporary international of labor.

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Canada Qualification:

Canada, the second-largest United States of America within the international. Both a geographically massive and an ethnically various us of a to take a look at in. Canada’s natural surroundings give many leisure possibilities in addition to an excessive trendy of dwelling in cosmopolitan and multicultural cities. Canadians are known because of their peaceful and friendly nature. There is also a population of a multicultural and bilingual country that welcomes college students from all religions and nationalities. Heaps of students come to have a look at in Canada each year or even more come to Canada to examine English or French.

The huge urban centers of Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal are particularly famous for his or her multicultural manner of lifestyles. This rich cultural range can be seen within the many languages spoken on the street. Or the cuisines served via open eating place domestic home windows or many cultural celebrations throughout the one year.

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USA Qualification:

America of the USA generally known as America is a rustic having migrants to try their luck from more than a hundred and fifty nations! It has the maximum variety of universities and schools i.e. Greater than 4000! The range of Pakistani college students pursuing their career dreams in the USA. Is at greater than 3,00,000. United States of America college diploma apart from being international diagnosed is likewise in call for with the aid of employers in the course of the globe. Human beings from software and clinical fields are in excessive call for inside America.

There may be an amazing range of Pakistani dwellings in the USA. Coming someplace around 30 lacs and growing! The maximum number of fortune 500 companies operates from the USA or is the USA primarily based. The United States of America has the biggest economy in the world. The USA of the US is the 0.33 largest employer in terms of land region. The United States of America has got superb clinical schemes for its residents.

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Australia Qualification:

It is a highly-priced affair to get schooling from distant places. Australia has emerged with a method to this problem with the aid of presenting an excessive standard of best training at low-cost costs. Australia’s qualification offers remarkable dwelling conditions and tolerant multicultural society. The Australian higher schooling institutions rank amongst the world’s excellent and the fine of the schooling that they provide is equally high.

The better training in Australia affords fee for money by using imparting shorter and greater extensive courses. The Australian training is more sensible and responsive to the wishes of the modern market. Because it includes modern innovations in all fields whether or not or not it’s technology or advertising or management.

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Why choose ASHS consultants?

ASHS Consultants is one of the best overseas education consultants in Karachi, Pakistan. For students aspiring for studying in foreign universities. ASHS consultants increase your chances of getting admission & visa to your favorite program and university like no one in the service provider. With an extensive 6 years of experience, we have been providing quality & comprehensive services to students looking forward to studying and working abroad.

We examine your profile very well and guide you with deciding on the most appropriate visa class primarily based on your credentials. In an effort to put together your visa application to get you the quality effects. We extend our information as immigration and schooling specialists. To maintain you comfy at some point in the procedure and try to make the technique a hassle-unfastened technique.

As one of the most trusted overseas education consultants in Karachi. Our aim is to work relentlessly for the bright future of students who seek admissions to the top universities in the world. At ASHS consultants, we are proud that our well-qualified and experienced counselors guide students and parents in studying abroad.

Having helped 500+ students, we realize their dreams like no one else does, we are ready for you. Are You Ready?


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