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Digital Marketing Campaign Ideas For Ramadan 2022

Digital Marketing Campaign Ideas For Ramadan 2022

Happy Ramadan Kareem 2022 ! 😃

All the muslim around the world are excited for this month.

‘This the season to up your digital marketing game!

Since traditional holiday shopping looks a lot different this year, we wanted to share some of our favorite Ramadan 2022 digital marketing ideas for e-commerce brands.


This Ramadan 2022 Enhance your blog to spotlight products & services

It’s not enough to simply feature products and services on one page of your company’s website. Think about what your audience already loves to buy, along with new products/services that will drop just in time for the Ramadan season.

Write up a blog for each product/service you want customers to add to their personal wish lists and link internally to where they can purchase directly within your website.

Interlinking help your customer to stay on your website.

For a fun twist on this Ramadan 2022 digital marketing campaign, select 10-15 products ahead of time. Release one blog each day with a corresponding social media post leading up to end of Ramadan 2022. The countdown will build excitement and your audience will be on the edge of their seats waiting to see what the next day’s featured product will be!

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Create a gift-giving email marketing campaign ramadan 2022

Everyone loves a giveaway this time of year. One of our favorite Ramadan 2022 digital marketing ideas in 2022 comes from Daraz.

What the brand does so well with this campaign is send emails on specific days for members only. This way, customers are not bombarded with daily reminders. After all, even if you’re offering an extra exciting giveaway, people don’t want their inboxes to be flooded with too many emails that could result in your brand being marked as spam.

Even if your campaign is just centered around customers offering reviews/feedback or taking a survey, incentivizing your audience to engage around the holidays is a win-win for all involved.

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Turn Facebook & Instagram into Ramadan Road Side Stall 😄

Hogai Sham Gir Gaye Dam 😄

This Ramadan 2022 use humour in your content you can also use meme’s for your products.

When you streamline the shopping experience for your customers, they’ll be writing your brand’s name at the top of their Nice List. Boost your ramadan 2022 sales this year by opening up your Facebook & Instagram Shops and taking advantage of their easy-to-shop features.

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Top off your tree with an Amazing strategy

There’s no denying 2022 has only bolstered Daraz seemingly exponential growth. The company has cornered a mind boggling sales.

With so many consumers shopping on Daraz this holiday season, limiting your sales to your own website and ignoring Daraz can be a costly mistake. Here at Logical, we recently conducted a webinar on how to make the most out of Daraz marketing. Whether you’re new to Daraz or simply in need of some new tips, our panel of daraz marketing experts provides insights into the logistics behind Daraz sales and marketing ideas for the platform.

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Although these Ramadan 2022 digital marketing ideas are important to your business and driving revenue, it is equally as important to remember to be sensitive with your messaging this Ramadan season.

Keep in mind that in the ALHAM DO LILLAH  pandemic is Over, individuals are spending more because everything is back to normal again. Here are some bonus tips to enhance your digital marketing strategy:

  • Post impactful social media posts in addition to the products or services you are promoting
  • Show your audience you care about giving back to the community during Ramadan 2022
  • Offer extended customer service hours since less shopping is being done in-person

We hope that you can take these Christmas digital marketing campaign ideas and run profitable campaigns.

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