Study in USA : The Best 10 Reasons


Reasons To Study in USA

Why study in USA? The number of international students pursuing higher education in the United States increased by 17 percent to a record high of 886,052 for the 2009/10 academic year. One study suggests that more than two-thirds of international students are studying in the U.S. because it is most likely their best option for getting an internationally recognized degree at an affordable price.

The reasons why study in USA are many with rankings based on cost, quality of education, diversity, opportunity, and prestige ranking over another top study abroad destinations such as Canada or Australia.

Let’s review some facts about study in USA process before taking any decisions:

 1) Low-Cost Education

USA is ranked #1 for low-cost education in the world. With over 4,000 institutions, tuition fees vary depending on the university and degree program you choose. However, compared to another study abroad destinations, the United States offers some of the lowest tuition rates in the world with an average annual cost of $22,826 for international students (including room and board) – much lower than the United Kingdom ($37,045), Canada ($32,405), or Australia ($36,992).

One of the most common reasons why study in USA is because it’s so affordable. The cost of higher education in the U.S. may be up to four times less than that of its counterparts in countries such as China or Japan. Tuition rates are based on a combination of factors including both state and campus policies, budget allocations, administrative fees, scholarships, financial aid packages, etc.

The study also provides a piece of information about the diversity of study atmosphere with a huge amount of cultural opportunities. Whether you’re interested in studying business or journalism or international relations, study abroad program providers can get you started on the right path to achieve your undergraduate studies goals while learning from some of the best study abroad advisors out there.

2) High-Quality Education

USA education is world-renowned. Times Higher Education ranks 15 out of the top 20 universities in terms of educational achievement and boasts a total enrollment exceeding 1 million students from all 50 states, as well citizens abroad. Despite this large population size, there are only about 200 faculty members for every 100k undergraduate degrees awarded each year due to high demand coupled with a low supply of teacher positions across colleges/universities nationwide which has caused many schools offering similar courses or programs at different times throughout their semester offerings meaning that some classes may have more than 10 students while others offer none because they’re full up!

There are many benefits to obtaining an American degree, not just the fact that it will make you more attractive as a candidate. According to research, 70% of private university undergraduates immediately pursue postgraduate education while 98 percent enter into their desired career path within six months after graduation

-This means those who attend these institutions have higher chances at landing employment due simply put how knowledgeable they seem about what skill sets are needed in today’s workplace

It’s also worth noting that USA is ranked 3rd in the world for research output with 21,000 universities producing over 400k study-worthy publications every year.

3) International Students are Getting More Opportunities to Study Abroad

The USA is a great place to launch your international career. Home of the world’s biggest metropolises and with so many different kinds of people from all over, it’ll be hard not finding someone who knows somebody or somewhere that can help you get started on this exciting new journey!

USA has made huge efforts to attract international students since the 1990s and it’s now easier than ever to study abroad here with growing study abroad programs & scholarships which has led to a 250 percent increase in study abroad rates. It is even possible for foreign citizens who studied in America on an F1 visa but didn’t have time or resources to complete their degree may apply for student loan forgiveness through the Student Loan Forgiveness Program!!!

4) Diversity of Colleges & Universities

With more than 4,000 American Institutions of Higher Education (colleges and universities) in the US- system with no single national or federal agency regulating them; each is empowered to create their own unique mission targeted at improving intellectual rigor, advancing knowledge, and empowering their students. That is why studying in USA offers amazing diversity!

Universities in USA are considered to be the best not only because of their research quality but also study environment, study scholarships, and study courses.

-Liberal arts colleges focus on undergraduate education with a study term lasting 1-2 years or 4-5 semesters depending on the location, costs & study field you are taking up. These institutions offer smaller classes under 20 students. Most students graduate after 3 years of study whereas some take up to 5 academic years to complete the program due to part time or full time jobs alongside studies.

-Privately funded universities are more famous for doctoral level study programs recording highest graduation rates compared with any other privately managed institute according to recent statistics reported by federal agencies! Amongst these notable universities include many medical & business schools which come with high tuition rates.

-Public universities are funded by state governments and as a result, offer lower tuition rates in comparison to private & community colleges.

5) Opportunity for Student Employment

America has some of the best job prospects for international students who study in USA that most study abroad destinations just cannot compete with. It’s not uncommon to see students here working part-time at restaurants or department stores while they study because these two industries hire a large number of student workers across most cities. However, apart from working part-time, there are several ways study abroad candidates in the USA can work while they study, including on-campus jobs, Curricular Practical Training (CPT), Optional Practical Training (OPT), and even the new STEM OPT extension.

It is well known that the job market for college graduates has been steadily declining. To combat this, many universities have partnered with local companies and offered students full-time internships during their summer break in order to give them some work experience before they go off into academia or another field entirely! These partnerships can often extend past just one semester–sometimes even guaranteeing a position after graduation comes around at all those who remain unemployed longer than six months out of school.

6) Multicultural Environment

The United States of America is a land where people from all over the world come to chase their dreams. The USA was created by those who were driven, ambitious, and able-bodied enough to make it here – so if you are one too then go ahead!

“The American Dream,” as we know today wasn’t always this way but with hard work, anything can happen in our country.”

With people from all over the world living in America, you’ll never find a shortage of friends or activities to do! From big cities like Los Angeles, New York City, Chicago, and Houston to smaller towns with great mountain ranges or coastal beaches, there’s always somewhere new to explore and meet people from different cultures.

7) Amazing innovation and Research

The USA is the place where new ideas are born and innovation takes off. The universities of America provide an excellent opportunity for university students to work on real projects with world-renowned scientists, which provides them with invaluable experience that they will never forget-and very likely go into any field imaginable!

If you’re looking for a world-class education, then look no further than American universities. These institutions have up-to-date technologies in all areas of study and are lucky enough to be attended by some of the greatest scholars around!

8) Ample Scholarships and Financial Aid

International students who study in USA can apply for a variety of scholarships to help pay for their education. The types of scholarships that are available vary greatly, but some common examples include merit-based scholarships, need-based scholarships, and athletic scholarships.

International students should not be deterred from studying in America due to the limited funding available. American universities offer many scholarship opportunities, including ones specifically for STEM majors and those who have achieved high scores on standardized tests like SATs or ACTs (and even if you don’t meet these criteria there may still be some grants). With all this information at your fingertips, it’s easy enough that anyone could find something suitable!

One great thing about studying in America is that most universities have a scholarship fund specifically for international students! This means that even if you don’t have the financial resources to study in America, there are still options available to you. Additionally, many universities offer payment plans or installment plans so that you don’t have to pay the entire cost of tuition upfront.

9)  Friendly and Welcoming Community

In the United States, there are many resources in place to make studying abroad as easy and natural for international students. This includes everything from academic support staff members who can help you with your homework or language lessons if needed; housing opportunities near campus facilities so that living on-campus doesn’t have to be an exclusively Greek experience anymore!

There are also lots of study abroad-focused clubs and organizations on campus where international students can meet, study, socialize and learn about the local culture! If you’re looking for a study abroad experience that’s anything like what you had back home then this should definitely be at the top of your list.

10) Great Shopping and Dining

You’ve heard of the American dream, but this is something more than just a simple reality – it’s an endless opportunity. Whether in big cities or quaint towns across USA there are restaurants everywhere you look to cater to your taste buds’ every want and need! From fast-food joints for when you’re on the go…to fine dining establishments that will make any foodie drool with delight over their luxurious dishes– nobody should leave without trying at least one dish from each state because no two places seem quite alike after all? And don’t forget about shopping malls which offer exciting distractions such as movie theaters & ice skating rinks outside in the summer months, or indoor activity centers where you can ice skate in the winter or ride rides all year round! If you study abroad in USA then no doubt that this is just one of many reasons why you’re going to love it here.

11)  Diverse Student Population

One of the best things about studying in America is the diversity of the student population. You’ll get to meet people from all over the world, learn about their cultures and customs, and form friendships that will last a lifetime! This is an incredible opportunity to grow as an individual and to learn more about the world around you.

The United States is a melting pot of cultures, which means that international students who study here will be exposed to a variety of different viewpoints and experiences. This is a unique opportunity that you won’t find at any other university in the world. American universities are also known for being incredibly welcoming to students from all backgrounds, so you don’t need to worry about feeling like an outsider.

12) Flexible study programs

Community colleges are a great way to explore your interests and discover what you’re passionate about before transferring to nationally ranked universities. With so many schools, there is always one that will match up with the subject matter of any major or career path!

This allows for people who may not know exactly where they want their education heading in life but still need some guidance when making decisions on how best to use those years between high school graduation and earning bachelor’s degrees at top-notch institutions across all disciplines (such as a business).

If you study abroad in America then you’ll get the opportunity to study on your own terms. It’s incredibly easy to transfer credits–as long as you study at an accredited university, of course! Let’s say for example, that your Spanish classes back home were all on Friday evenings and on Saturdays. Most universities will allow international students to take these same courses online so that they fit into your existing schedule. This means more flexibility even when studying abroad!

13) Learning through English

English is the common language spoken and used all over America. Of course, most courses are taught in English only because it’s a great opportunity for international students to improve their grasp of this beautiful language as well as make them more desirable when looking at future employers who might want someone with that skillset

A lot of US institutions offer English Language Courses specifically designed just for International Students which gives even greater opportunities not only while studying here but also upon completion if you plan on returning home or going elsewhere!

If you study in USA then this will be one of your main study focuses, and an additional reason why study abroad is so beneficial! If English isn’t your first language (and even if it was!) then you’ll want to study hard to improve your grades before coming over.

14) Internships & Research Opportunities

The idea of studying in the USA is very appealing to students. The country offers many opportunities for internships and full-time jobs after graduation, which can lead directly into a career path with recent statistics showing how 98% succeed within six months!

The opportunities for research study abroad are endless! You could be working with professors who are experts in their fields or gaining hands-on experience at prominent national laboratories…the options are certainly not restricted to any one discipline either! The study abroad experience is an excellent opportunity for you to gain practical skills and knowledge. This will set you apart from other job applicants, which means you’ll be much more likely to get that dream job when looking back at your study years in America.

The study abroad experience enables students who study in the USA to stand out among their peers when applying for jobs, internships, or graduate school admissions by showing interest in challenging themselves beyond what they already know within their respective fields of study.

15) USA is the safest place than other countries

Among all study abroad destinations, USA deserves to be one of the top study abroad programs on our list with its modern education system and great study environment. The crime rate in USA is low compared to other study abroad locations which makes studying here more secure! There are also enough international students who study in USA for protection- not to mention it’s illegal for American citizens to even hurt an international student on purpose. What makes it even better is that any international students who study in USA will have someone willing to help them out if they ever get into trouble. So there’s no reason not to study here!


Studying abroad is becoming more and more popular every year; international students are excited by the idea of gaining new experiences while having fun with friends. And when they think about studying in America, they envision an exciting horizon filled with promises of great educational opportunities, financial resources, and national pride!

The fact is there’s really nothing like study abroad– ask anyone who has ever studied abroad & at best you’ll get a dreamy-eyed look in response because study abroad really is something extraordinary.

If you’re still searching upon what to choose as a major then it might be a good idea to narrow down your options, which will help with explaining why studying in America is really a fabulous choice. Plus, if you still have no clue about where to start or what your future career dream could be then don’t worry because there are so many choices and opportunities available out there!!

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