Governor of Sindh launches website for registration in free IT courses

In a groundbreaking initiative aimed at empowering students with limited financial resources, the Governor of Sindh Mr Kamran Khan Tessori has recently launched a website offering registration for free IT courses. This timely endeavor is set to provide a valuable opportunity for aspiring IT professionals, particularly those residing in Sindh. The initiative not only addresses the financial hurdles faced by many students but also aims to motivate and encourage them to pursue their dreams in the field of information technology.

Access to quality education has long been hindered by financial constraints, preventing numerous talented individuals from pursuing their desired career paths. However, with the Governor’s launch of the website for free IT courses, the doors of opportunity have swung wide open for those who have previously been unable to afford the necessary training. This initiative recognizes the importance of leveling the playing field and enabling talented students to gain the skills they need to thrive in the rapidly advancing IT industry.

Governor of Sindh launches website for registration in free IT courses​

Free Courses Offering By The Governor of Sindh Mr Kamran Khan Tessori

“After the completion of these courses, people can earn up to Rs1.5 million per month, but the amount would depend on the acquired skills and expertise,” he said, adding: “Around half a million people would be invited for the screening test from which a batch of 50,000 would be selected for the first phase of this programme.”

Source: Dawn News

As we celebrate the launch of the website for free IT courses, it is essential to express our deepest gratitude to the Governor of Sindh for this exceptional initiative. By recognizing the financial struggles faced by students and taking proactive measures to alleviate those burdens, the Governor has demonstrated true leadership and a genuine commitment to education. This act of generosity will undoubtedly transform the lives of countless individuals and contribute to the growth and prosperity of Sindh. Let us extend our sincere thanks to the Governor for his unwavering dedication to the betterment of students and for providing them with the opportunity to realize their IT aspirations.


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